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Unjha Yograj Guggulu Tablet
-18 %
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Rs.300.94 Rs.367.00
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Unjha Yograj Guggulu
-18 %
Products similar to Unjha Yograj GugguluUnjha Trayodashang Guggulubottle of 60 tablets55 ratingsMRP₹1181% off₹116Pravek Yograj Guggulu 375mg Tabletbottle of 40 tabletsMRP₹45Unjha Punarnavadi Guggulubottle of 60 tabletsMRP₹1112% off₹108.78Unjha Maha Yograj Guggulubottle of 30 tablets3.25 ratingsMRP₹1..
Rs.100.04 Rs.122.00
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Unjha Yogendra Rasa (Suvarna, Moti Yukta)
-18 %
Products similar to Unjha Yogendra Rasa (Suvarna, Moti Yukta)Lama Diabihar Granulesbottle of 100 gm GranulesMRP₹175Unjha Vasant Kusumakar Rasa (Suvarna, Moti Yukta)bottle of 2.5 gm PowderMRP₹15007% off₹1393Dhootapapeshwar Rajata Bhasmabottle of 1 gm Powder4.110 ratingsMRP₹3256% off₹305Dhootapapeshwa..
Rs.1,037.30 Rs.1,265.00
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Unjha Yakrit Plihari Loha Tablet
-18 %
Key ingredientsChitrakChitrak, also called DoctorBush or Ceylon,...NirgundiNirgundi is a large aromatic shrub found m...ShilajitShilajit is a mineral based extract which .....
Rs.106.60 Rs.130.00
Ex Tax:Rs.106.60
Unjha Vyoshadi Gutika
-18 %
Key ingredientsAmalbedhaAmalbedha or Amlavetasa is an evergreen tr...GingerGinger is used as a spice, flavoring agent...KalimirchKalimirch or Black pepper is a commonly fo.....
Rs.52.48 Rs.64.00
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Unjha Vriddhi Vadhika Vati Tablet
-18 %
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Rs.393.60 Rs.480.00
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Unjha Vriddhi Vadhika Vati Tablet
-18 %
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Rs.1,869.60 Rs.2,280.00
Ex Tax:Rs.1,869.60
Unjha Vriddhi Vadhika Vati
-18 %
Products similar to Unjha Vriddhi Vadhika VatiDhootapapeshwar Vishatinduk Vatibottle of 90 tabletsMRP₹741% off₹73Unjha Navayas Loha Tabletbottle of 40 tabletsMRP₹832% off₹81Unjha Agnitundi Vatibottle of 40 tabletsMRP₹822% off₹80Vyas Chandraprabha Vati Spl No.1bottle of 100 tabletsMRP₹1502% off₹147..
Rs.82.82 Rs.101.00
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Unjha Vigorise Gold Capsule
-18 %
Key ingredientsAshwagandhaAshwagandha is an important herb of the Ay...VidarikandVidarikand a perennial herb which is commo...Kaunch beejKaunch beej or Cowhage is widely known as .....
Rs.491.18 Rs.599.00
Ex Tax:Rs.491.18
Unjha Vatvidhvansa Rasa Tablet
-18 %
Key ingredientsKalimirchKalimirch or Black pepper is a commonly fo...PippaliPippali is an essential herb used in vario...PashanbhedPashanbhed or stone breaker is a well know.....
Rs.109.06 Rs.133.00
Ex Tax:Rs.109.06
Unjha Vatkulantak Rasa
-18 %
Key ingredientsNagkesarNagkesar is an evergreen ornamental tree t...BahedaBaheda is also known as “Bibhitaki” in San...NutmegNutmeg or Jaiphal is a seed that can be gr.....
Rs.164.00 Rs.200.00
Ex Tax:Rs.164.00
Unjha Vat Gajankush Rasa
-18 %
Products similar to Unjha Vat Gajankush RasaTansukh Shunthi Capsulebottle of 60 capsulesMRP₹1703% off₹165Kairali Sahacharadi Kashayambottle of 200 ml SyrupMRP₹1583% off₹152Baidyanath (Jhansi) Vatari Ras Tabletbottle of 10 gm TabletMRP₹1045% off₹99Baidyanath (Noida) Yograj Guggulu Tabletbottle of 100..
Rs.80.36 Rs.98.00
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